Application of Thermal Transfer Paper in Digital Printing Technology

Digital printing technology has greatly advanced in the past couple of decades, with benefits that include a quicker turnaround time and lower overall costs, especially for smaller runs. Before the actual printing, however, various plastic transformation processes provide useful and innovative products and solutions for digital printers that serve several markets including the automotive industry.

Digital transfer Printing 3D printing Sublimation T-shirts Phone cases

     Transfer paper is used in textiles and arts or crafts projects. Often, an ink-jet or other printer is used to print an image on the paper. Then a heat press can transfer the image onto clothing, canvas, or other surface.
Transfer papers now existmostly for textiles, including elastic fabrics used for making sportswear and swimming suits, and for natural fiber fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, and wool.

Digital transfer Printing 3D printing Sublimation T-shirts Phone cases

Normally, they are classified by weight, they are 60gsm, 70gsm,80gsm, 100gsm,120gsm.
 Sublimation  Printing Transfer Paper

Printing Transfer Paper Sublimation Digital Printing 120gsm A4

 Here's another branch----T-shirt Paper.It can be divided into light/dark T-shirt paper and Tacky&Sticky or not Tacky&Sticky papers. Below is a vidio to teach you hoe to choose suitable paper for different T-shirts.

For dye sublimation transfer paper, fabrics historically had to be white or light in color. 100% polyester, poly/cotton mix (the garment should be at least 50% poly) microfibre and nylon can all be used. This printing process turns solid ink into a gas, avoiding a liquid stage. This process can be used on ceramic, wood, glass, or metal as long as they have a polymer coating.