Digital printing technique for fabric printing

        These designs are non-fading in nature & possess various attributes. Various games involve tremendous physical exertion & has to be played in the tough conditions.

Sublimation ink

Sublimation printing is a digital printing technique.The garment industry is progressing at a rapid pace. With the advancement in the field of technology, the textile industry is also blooming at a rapid pace. The printing technique has also seen a vast change in recent times. Nowadays, sublimation printing technique is widely used in order to create impressive designs. This is a new age digital printing technique in which computer aided design can easily get printed on the fabric. This is a digital printing technique so it offers amazing & durable designs on the fabric.

For this purpose that the computer aided designs directly get imprinted on the fabric., a special transferable paper is used. On this paper, the designs get imprinted. From, this transferable paper, these designs get directly imprinted on the fabric with the help of industrial heating & pressure applications.

digital printing

We all know that very designer wants that its collection should look elegant. For that purpose, computer software are widely used. The software help a lot in creating amazing designs & shades. The computer tools help a lot in easily crafting numerous designs. Now the question arises how to print these designs on the fabric. For that purpose, sublimation printing technique is used. In this technique, the graphics created on the computer get imprinted on the special transferable paper. From this transferable paper, these get imprinted on the fabric. Industrial heating & pressure applications along with the special ink are used for this purpose.The main advantage associated with this technique is that it offers non fading designs. These designs are basically made with the help of the computer software. So proper printing can only be achieved with the help of the sublimation technique.

sublimation paper

In order to offer durable & reliable designs, this digital technique is used. The sublimation printing is widely used in creating the designs for the sportswear. Nowadays, the teams want amazing designs along with the logo, team name & various other attributes. This can only be achieved with the help of the computer aided designs. But a very clear printing is required in order to offer perfect finishing. So, for that purpose sublimation printing technique is used. This a far better technique as compared to the screen printing. The main difference is that sublimation printing is a digital printing technique that offers flawless finishing to the designs.