Introduction Of Printing Method & Application For Sublimation Printing

sublimation digital printing

There are 2 types prinitng: Dye sublimation ink with dye sublimation paper. And the other ways is normal desktop ink with heat transferring paper.


sublimation process

Printing by sublimation ink on the sublimation paper or other special paper Heat transfer After printing, you can put on the heat transfer machine and material what you want to use. In 40seconds or up to 3Minutes, you can get very nice print out. Normal temperature on the towel, clothes, T-shirts, etc. is only 40~45 seconds and recommend 190C degrees 

Basically dye sublimation ink cannot use on the 100% Cotton or natural materials. For example, To make heat transferred on T-Shirt, it has to be includes more than 50% of Cotton. Good cloths is 100% of polyester yarn. In addition, Always, heat transferring available on the coated materials such as coated steel, Coated aluminum, plastic and wood etc., 

Dye sublimation inkjet printing technology is becoming popular in various personal and industrial applications.
Main uses are as follows:
1.Digital Textile Sublimation Printing
2.Digital Shoe Sublimation Sampling
3)Advertising Banner Sublimation Inkjet Printing
4)Umbrella Sublimation Inkjet Printing
5.Flag Sublimation Printing
6)Carpet Sublimation Inkjet Printing
7)Shopping Bag Sublimation Printing
8)Uniform Sublimation Transfer Printing
9)T-Shirt Sublimation Transfer Printing
10)Mouse Pad Sublimation Transfer Printing
11)Calender Sublimation Inkjet Printing

12)Key Ring Sublimation Inkjet Printing
13)Mug Sublimation Transfer Printing
14)Ceramic Plate Sublimation Printing
15)Glassware Sublimation Inkjet Printing
16)Wedding Photography Sublimation Output
17)Leather Product Sublimation Printing

18)Wood Product Sublimation Transfer Printing