Various Application For Different Grams Sublimation Paper

As you guys know, there are, generally speaking, two types of Sublimation Transfer Paper widely used in the market, the Non-Sticky sublimation paper and the Sticky one.

sticky sublimation paper for sportswear

The weight of this two kinds of sublimation paper in Fei Yue are all 100gsm & 70gsm, which can meet the general use of custom fabrics well enough. Even with the same weight, the applications of this two paper differ a lot. The Sticky sublimation paper can be found popularly (North American countries and Latin American countries for example) used for Sports wear, swimming suits, Cycling clothes, racing clothes etc, which are all made of elastic fabric (Mainly Polyester fabric); While normal sublimation transfer paper can be used for any ordinary polyester fabrics in countries all around the world. 

fast dry  non-curl transfer paper

Sublimation paper (Non-sticky) Fei Yue produces is of various of weights, including 45gsm, 60gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm and 100gsm. Paper with different weight may be suitable for different printers and fabrics. If you have got a printer, whatever the brand is, with normal print speed, printing graphics with various of colors, and often cut the paper rolls into pieces before the transfer process, and with relatively low density inks, then high weight (80gsm, 90gsm and 100gsm etc) sublimation paper might be a good choice. If the printer is of high print speed (say about 100sqm/hr), with Roll-to-Roll transfer process (printing procedures and transfer procedures are done at the same time on one printer), and graphics to be transferred with less colors and use high density sublimation inks, then you may choose to take a low weight sublimation paper, like 45gsm or 60gsm. Low weight Sublimation paper is better for large format fabrics, curtains and home textiles for example; while high weight Sublimation paper is better for T-shirt or other clothes.