The Benefits Of Dye-Sublimation Printing Technology

Dye-sublimation is the best printing technique to capture true color and clarity for all fabric graphics used in an infinite variety of applications such as trade show displays, event graphics, retail graphics, silicon edge graphics, light boxes, flags, banners and table throws.

sublimation transfer printing

High Quality Fabric You Can Wash Again and Again.  In addition to being competitively price, all of our fabrics are highly durable, machine washable and weatherproof.  We partner with renowned textile mills to develop and produce the latest in fabrics such as:  Soft Knit, Flag Fabric, Super Stretch, Tri-Fab and Heavy Bannerstand.  We also offer a multitude of finishing options such as hemming, Velcro, SEG (silicon edge graphics) and pole pockets.

sublimation digital printing

Friendly to the Environment.  Dye-sublimation printing is one of the most eco-friendly printing processes today.  The process does not require the use of any solvents or toxins and the fabric itself is comprised mainly of recycled, post-consumer materials.

Infinite Applications.  Tradeshow display graphic panels, event graphics, retail graphics, silicon edge graphics, light boxes, flags & banners, table throws.

High Resolution, Photographic Quality.  In addition to the sharp contrast produced by high resolution 1080 dpi, dye-sublimation printing yields the most accurate skin tones.  This high resolution is your best resource for reproducing the fine detail and complex tones of any photographic image.