How Moisture Affect Sublimation Digital Printing?

We all know, whatever keep sublimation paper or operate sublimation printing, we must keep surrounding environment dry, but not too dry, generally between 10-25℃. 

sublimation digital printing

If moisture is present in either the substrate or the heat transfer paper,  it can have an adverse effect on the sublimation process. Common problems include color shifting (where colors lose accuracy), bleeding of the image, and uneven transfer of solid filled areas of a design.
The first step in minimizing the effects of humidity is to always store your transfer paper in a dry place. If dealing with poly-performance apparel you can pre-press the shirt for about five seconds if you suspect there may be moisture in the fabric. For other substrates, you can “warm” them on the heat  press without closing it.

sublimation digital printing
However, an environment that is too dry isn't any good either as it can cause print head nozzle loss issues. For best results, check the recommended ranges of humidity for your equipment, then purchase a hygrometer to measure your environment. If adjustments are needed, you can purchase either a humidifier or de-humidifer.