How To Judge Sublimation Paper?

Whether sublimation paper quality is good or poor, we can compare from three aspects as below:

sublimation heat transfer printing

1. Transfer Rate

Transfer rate is a fundamental performance of the sublimation transfer paper, it is the difference between the ordinary inkjet paper, good transfer rate can make the transferred substrate more beautiful and save more ink. At present, there are not the testing standard of transfer rate in China, and there are not the corporate standard in the domestic manufacturer of transfer paper, but we can say, less color left on the transfer paper after transferring, the transfer rate will be more higher.

sublimation digital printing

2. Ink Compatibility

The transfer paper is required to adapt to all kinds of ink as soon as possible, and make the coating of sublimation transfer paper have the appropriate solubility on various sublimation ink, the ink pattern on the transfer paper can not only reflect finely, but also transfer through the coating  and cause the low transfer rate.

printed sublimation paper dry period

3. The drying Rate

At present, the leading manufacturer of sublimation transfer paper in the world, their drying rate as follows:Netherland (Jetcool drying paper): 6 minutes; South Korea (Korean Song): 11 minutes; China (fast drying paper): 7 seconds, (plain paper): 19 minutes