Max Width 3.2m Large Format Sublimation Paper For Wide Textile Printing

For dye sublimation transfer paper, fabrics historically had to be white or light in color. 100% polyester, poly/cotton mix (the garment should be at least 50% poly) microfibre and nylon can all be used. This printing process turns solid ink into a gas, avoiding a liquid stage. This process can be used on ceramic, wood, glass, or metal as long as they have a polymer coating.

application of sublimation transfer paper

Sublimation Transfer papers now exist for most textiles, including elastic fabrics used for making sportswear and swimming suits, and for natural fiber fabrics such as  silk, linen, and wool.

In nowaday's sublimation digital printing market, we can find 17"~70" (0.21m~1.8m) easily, Now Fei Yue Paper Inc. promote a widest up to 3.2m sublimation paper to appeal for customers' demanding. amang all weight of sublimation paper, 100gsm sublimation paper quality is quite steady.

sublimation printing

For its application, this kind 3.2m width sublimation paper usually used for roll textile printing, such as for banners, bed sheets, curtains, table covers, and other large format textile printing. 

3.2m sublimation paper printing
Considering the costs of R&D, and marketing, this new type of Sublimation paper may be a little bit more expensive than the normal sizes, but this paper will sure deserve the costs and will more or less become the new favorites in digital printing world.