How Can We Use 77GSM Sublimation Paper For Garments?

77GSM sublimation paper, this light-weight sublimation paper is designed to save time and money by increasing process efficiency in industrial textile printing. Transfer times and/or temperatures can be reduced significantly and still achieve the same vibrant colours any SKYIMAGE®product is standing for.Especially suited for industrial printers(e.g. MS Italy, DGI, Mimaki TS500 and Reggiani printers).

sublimation textile printing

Therefore, this kind 77gsm thermal transfer paper usually suitable for roll to roll textile sublimation printing, large production, rather than small gift production. it is used to transfer images to special processed chemical fiber, polyester,  cotton content below 40% blended fabrics,mugs, banner, flag, ribbon, bags ,cloths.

sublimation digital printing

During printing, we should pay attention to that the Image side is wound to the outside of the paper. Printing is performed in ″mirror″ image. Allow the printing ink to dry before transferring.

About Indoor Condition in Printing Room or Workshop, keep humidity: 40-60% (not more than 60%), Temperature: 78.8℉ / 26℃.