Why InkTec SubliNova Ink Are Premium Quality?

InkTec has been developing and supplying dye sublimation, water-based dye & pigment, solvent, eco solvent, mild solvent, and oil inks. Not only do we hold our own ink technology, we have precise knowledge on printer structures. We provide a better quality than other manufacturers that use low-price raw material and simple formulation.

Inktec sublinova INK

SubliNova, InkTec’s dye sublimation ink that presents the highest printing quality, was developed from many years’ of knowledge of ink development, cutting-edge equipment, and technology. 

application of sublimation ink

Why Inktec sublinova ink has premium grade? 

1. High quality raw materials for media substrates.

To produce high quality media products, inteck pays more attention to raw materials. All of the substrates are strictly tested and intec is constantly monitoring all stages of the manufacturing process.

2.Inteck's advanced expertise on coating liquid technology 

Inteck's advanced expertise on coating liquid technology is the single most important which differs from other inks.

3.Strict management system

Inktec keeps th equality consistant through Quality Assurance(QA)and Quality Control(QC)departments.Inktec always meets the agreed delivery date for our customers' satisfaction.

4. Strict quality control

Excellent color performance, Excellent water fastness and color fastness, MSDS and SGS international certification, Green environmental protection,quality stability.