What Problems Can Be Caused When Sublimation Paper Is Curled?

fast dry non-curl sublimation paper

Sublimation transfer paper is a coated paper, coated layer and the end of the paper in the dry and high temperature expansion ratio does not lead to single-sided warping, when the transfer paper warping will cause the following inconvenience:

1. The printer is inconvenient to feed. (At room temperature dry warpage)

2. When printing in large quantities, it is inconvenient due to warping. (At room temperature dry warpage)

3. Heat transfer before the transfer of paper due to warping caused by the fabric is not allowed to cause the transfer failed. (At room temperature dry warpage)

sublimation heat transfer printing

4. Heat transfer hot plate, the sublimation transfer paper warping roll will make the transfer dislocation caused the transfer failed. (High temperature warpage)At present, domestic and foreign production of various transfer paper mills have different degrees of warping, excellent quality of the transfer paper warpage angle is small, slow warpage, to meet the printing process of printing production needs and time needs , The operation is better to make.

sublimation transfer paper

Overcoming the warping is a common problem of paper manufacturers to work together to overcome the problem, the use of double-sided coating method can effectively improve the warping, but this makes the cost of production increased, while the majority of domestic paper production equipment often do not have such a Conditions, only from the coating formula and production process to improve.