The Feature of Sticky Sublimation Transfer Paper

In the sublimation transfer printing due to spandex, Lycra and other elastic fabrics and transfer paper shift caused by ghosting, deformation and other issues, so sticky sublimation paper is particularly suitable for relatively large elastic fabric, improve the transfer rate, is emerging in foreign countries.

sticky sublimation paper for sportswear

Characterics: This product in the transfer printing fabric and sublimation paper will be firmly stick, to avoid transfer when the image edge blurred and loss of image details.

sticky sublimation paper for sportswear

How to use it on textile?

1. With the sublimation ink to print the pattern printed on the product, to be dry. 2. will print the pattern of sticky subli-paper on the preparation of the transfer of cloth (print side of the fabric), with a flat or roller pressing machine pressing, pressing temperature of 210 ~ 220 degrees Celsius, time 20 to 25 seconds, then cloth Will stick with the paper, until it is slightly cooled after the paper tear, the pattern is transferred to the fabric.

sublimation paper storage

Some points we should pay attention to:

1. Transfer must be made when the ink is fully dry.

2. Do not expose the product to high temperature before transferring it. Otherwise, it may cause the viscosity to drop.

3. This product at different temperatures, humidity, the environment will change the viscosity, such as sticky too large, you can press the hot wait for 3 to 5 minutes or longer to be cooled and then tear can be.

4. This product can be widely used in a variety of chemical fiber, blended fabric, especially for the elastic fabric effect more. Fourth, storage: This product is strong moisture absorption, be sure to store in the humidity of less than 70% of the environment, and tie the plastic bag in the shade away from the dark.