Laser Cutting Fashion Trend Booming The Fashion World

Laser cutting styles reveal beautiful illusions of icons and patterns in between and within textiles. Whether it be intricate spaces within lace, large cuts and edges of flowers and blooms or endless holes of geometric patterns – the layered on elements are taking shape all over the runway on NYFW for Spring 2016 RTW! They don’t technically need to be laser cut to get the look and feeling of the trend. They can be sheer in between opaque fabric to give the look of cutouts. Or even small appliques embellished on top. 

laser cutting fashion clothing

Laser cutting used to be reserved for haute couture designs. But as consumers began lusting for the technique, and the technology was made more readily available to manufacturers, it's become commonplace to see laser-cut silk and leather in ready-to-wear runway collections.

leather laser cutting

High speed automatic textile laser cutting machine, using high-definition digital SLR to one time realization the high precision imaging, which is including the large-format and multi-pattern, and avoid the error of splicing the image and the decline in image quality. 

This function is for patterned fabric be precisely cut. For example, for digital printing, various graphics printed on garment fabric and loaded to the laser cutter, then in the subsequent of positioning and cutting, material information extracted by the high-speed industrial camera ,the software recognize outer contour of graphics, then automatically create the cutting path and finish cutting. Without the need for human intervention, it can achieve continuous recognition and cutting of the entire roll printed fabrics.I.e. by large format visual recognition system, the software automatically recognize the contour of pattern on the garment, and then automatically cut the graphics by the contour, thus ensuring the accurate cutting of the fabric.