Some Reasons For Choosing Sublimation Prrinting Technology On Polyester

sublimation textile printing

Dye-sublimation is a printing method used on light-coloured polyester fabrics. It is mainly employed to print on sportswear, e.g.: T-shirts, tops, sweatshirts; and accessories, e.g.: cushions.Since sublimation is a chemical process, it permanently penetrates into the fabric structure. As a result, it is resistant to multiple washing cycles, and undetectable to the touch. It perfectly reproduces multi-colour photographs and graphics.

sportswear sublimation heat transfer

We have conclude some main reasons of why sublimation printing technology is the most suitable method for polyester based textile printing. 

  • It is cost-effective for both small and large print runs
  • It excellently reproduces multi-colour designs
  • One of the most durable imprint methods
  • Undetectable to the touchBreathable, lets air through
  • Ideal for printing on sportswear

sublimation printing on polyester

But, this method is only suitable for printing on light-coloured polyester fabrics (on dark fabrics, only black colour can be applied)