Sublimation Printing Solution For Roland Printer

Transfer printing is a decentralized transfer of digital printing, for polyester, chemical fiber, nylon, spandex, chiffon and other textile fabrics, inkjet printers are used to print a variety of pieces of paper on the transfer paper, and then through Heat transfer machine high temperature heating, the transfer paper on the pattern transfer to a variety of textile fabrics on a printing method.

Roland rt640

Transfer printing is characterized by a simple process, less process, high efficiency, no pollution, less investment. After the transfer of high color adhesion, graphic clear, colorful, safe and environmentally friendly, suitable for all kinds of cloth cloth textile fabric production. The way in which the cloth is to be transferred is a thermal transfer printer, a thermal transfer ink, a thermal transfer paper, and a thermal transfer machine.

Roland sublimation transfer program:Recommended models: Roland XF640, Roland RF640, Roland RT640

roland rt640

Roland Digital Printing Machine Features: XF640 is the latest gold double print seven generations of head staggered arrangement, the highest speed can be printed to 102 square meters per hour, at high speed can still maintain high-quality output, to meet the needs of large customers. Roland RF640 is a gold seven generations of head, variable droplet control, 1.6M wide, can achieve 33 square meters per hour high-speed mode. Roland RT740, gold 7 lead, 1.8M wide, can achieve 6-8 color printing top quality print.

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Best Ink: Imported Italian J-TECK sublimation transfer ink