Prospect Of Dye Sublimation Printing Technology

sublimation digital printing

Sublimation printing technology, first of all we go to know, sublimation is mainly through the heating of its pigment molecules into the medium. Sublimation to achieve the way to heat up the printer, sublimation transfer paper, sublimation ink three. Hot sublimation, fresh color, structured, can involve details of the adjacent subtle color difference; its special ribbon with a unique protective film, you can achieve the performance of continuous color scale, and inkjet halftone compared to In the photo preservation, due to the protective layer, thermal sublimation than other printing technology in the waterproof, anti-ultraviolet and anti-fingerprint performance on the possession of a greater advantage. In the photo, the sublimation technology is really a photo quality of the printing technology; 

application of sublimation transfer paper

About sublimation printing applications, for example, images such as portraits, landscapes, text, etc. are printed on the sublimation transfer inkjet paper using a inkjet printer equipped with sublimation transfer ink, and then passed through a thermal transfer apparatus Heated to about 200 ℃, so that the thermal sublimation of paper on the thermal transfer ink sublimation into the substrate, so that the color image on paper to the real transfer to the textile, porcelain cup, porcelain plate, porcelain plate, metal and other materials A new process. In addition, the sublimation of the ink is also known as thermal transfer of ink, the low-energy, sublimation of the disperse dyes made into digital printing ink, printed on the transfer paper, by heating, you can in the shortest possible time to image production To the fine porcelain, metal, silk, chemical fiber fabrics and other materials, is very suitable for personalized development of the market needs and environmental requirements.At present, the domestic sublimation of the market is still very wide, for example, in the desktop sublimation printing applications, at the same time, in recent years, sublimation printing technology in Europe and the United States is developing very fast, sublimation ink has been applied to industrial production areas, the future development of sublimation is equally promising.