Dye Sublimation Textile Printing revolutionizing Garments Market

sublimation digital printing
Greetings Friends,In this second entry I will tell you about the generalities of Sublimation:

Sublimation is the physical process by which you move from a solid state to a gas without passing through liquid.This applied a Textile process, SOLIDIFY the ink by means of Plotter in a special paper for sublimation and GASIFY the ink in a sublimadora machine this can be an iron to more 200 º C, in a substrate textile with a high percentage of polyester, impregnating The ink directly into the fabric without changing its texture.

sublimation transfer paper
The Digital Sublimation in fabric for the last 6 years has revolutionized the market for all the advantages it offers in a single production process and for the wide range of possibilities it allows, consolidating itself as a very versatile, novel and very creative option for the Solution to All advertising needs, and even more ... as a factor that has driven the development of new business ideas, which guarantee success in promoting brands and their products ... so the market has been adopting this Option as the latest and most innovative.