What Should We Pay Attention To When Printing? 1

sublimation digital printing

Sublimation transfer paper under the section as sandwiches, on the top floor is to absorb ink and dye separation functional coating, is located in the middle of the paper, the ground floor is resistant to warpage coating. This three-layer structure consisting of a rational division of labor inkjet sublimation transfer paper, transfer paper indicators with good use of effects like, otherwise there will be this kind of application problems exposed. 

sublimation printing process

a) the humidity of the printing environment is best controlled at 45 ~ 70% RH, as the air is too dry and easy transfer paper warping, when the transfer paper when a large amount of ink jet printing water elongation bagging may cause friction nozzle failure; such as air drying too wet can cause slowdowns and elongation at both ends of the transfer paper missing. Please install and enable the air conditioning room in ink-jet printing, a stable environmental conditions likely to be stable ink jet printing. As the moment no air conditioning constant temperature and humidity, the remedy is to peel 1-2 days before the transfer paper printed plastic bags so that the transfer paper is exposed in the air to breathe, balance transfer paper in the water, this was done to make the turn pre-printed paper absorbs moisture and stretch to avoid excessive drying of the transfer paper printing ink absorption and elongation bagging. 

b) When the ambient humidity is very large, the transfer paper may be due to both sides of the paper layer leads to uneven water absorption elongation about inconsistencies in this case long pattern will print deviation or wrinkled paper jams, remedy It may be between the printer and the paper feed side horizontally unwinding a clean pipe, line pipe on both ends of the appropriate weight, so that the transfer paper before entering kept flat and proper tension. 

c) when the transfer paper to absorb excess moisture in the air in case of paper will become very soft, so easy to make the transfer paper passes through the pickup roller wrinkle remedy is removing some of the pickup roller spacing small spring, The printer can reduce the pressing force to maintain smooth feed.