•  Epson SureColor F9480H Large Format Inkjet Sublimation Printer
  •  Epson SureColor F9480H Large Format Inkjet Sublimation Printer
  •  Epson SureColor F9480H Large Format Inkjet Sublimation Printer

Epson SureColor F9480H Large Format Inkjet Sublimation Printer

Epson presented its first sublimation printer capable of printing with fluorescent inks: it is the SureColor SC-F9480H, capable of printing on fabrics up to 64 inches wide.


Sublimation printing on fabrics with fluorescent inks has become simpler thanks to the new Epson SureColor SC-F9480H, which allows printing with fluorescent inks on fabrics in large volumes and with a width of 64 inches. 

Epson printer


Model: SureColor F9480H

Printing Technology: Dual advanced PrecisionCore® TFP® 10-channel, drop-on-demand, inkjet printhead with ink-repelling coating technology.

Maximum resolution: 720x1440dpiMinimum ink drop: 4.0plOutput speed: 108.4 square meters / hour * 1 (360X720)Color: black, cyan, yellow, magenta, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent pinkSize: 64 inches

Minimum Ink Droplet Size: Variable Droplet Technology

Maximum Print Resolution:1440 x 720 dpi

Printing direction: bidirectional printing unidirectional printing

Nozzle settings: cyan, magenta, yellow, high-concentration black: 1,440 nozzles in each color fluorescent yellow, phosphor: 720 nozzles in each color.

Ink system:

UltraChrome DS6 ink technology; 5-color

Ink Configuration:C, M, Y, HDK, Fy, FpInk capacity: 1500ml / piece

Replacement Ink:UltraChrome DS Ink

High Density Black Ink Packs (T46C820)

Cyan Ink Packs (T46C220)

Magenta Ink Packs (T46C320)

Yellow Ink Packs (T46C420)

Fluorescent Pink Ink Packs (T46C520)

Fluorescent Yellow Ink Packs (T46C620)


Media width: 300-1626mm (64in.)

Roll paper size: maximum outer diameter of roll paper 250mm

The maximum roll paper weight: 45kg

Maximum paper thickness of this machine: 1 mm

Interface: USB 2.0, 100 / 1000MB

EthernetLanguage: ESC / P raster

Host: 512MB

Network: 128MB

Epson printer

Epson printer

Product Features:

Breakthrough productivity - dual printheads deliver industrial-level, roll-to-roll performance at speeds up to 1,169 square feet/hour

Brilliant image quality - UltraChrome DS Ink Technology with fluorescent Yellow and Pink ink produces exceptional color saturation and high contrast

True roll-to-roll support - high-accuracy take-up reel supports efficient calendar heat press transfer 

Turnkey solution, fully supported by Epson - includes Epson Edge Print and ICC profiles, for use with optimized Epson DS Transfer Papers

Predictable, reliable performance - advanced auto paper-tension control and the fabric head wiper enable simple, continuous production 

More ink means less downtime - high-capacity ink tanks hold up to 3 L per color, for longer print runs without user intervention

Epson Edge Dashboard - remotely run cleanings, check ink levels, update firmware and download new media profiles from your computer 

Affordable, scalable solution - offers an excellent performance-to-price ratio; easily add printers to meet your business needs

Double PrecisionCore TFP micro-piezo print head, 2.0 inches wide

Dual 4-color printing mode: 108.4 square meters / hour 360x720dpi

6-color print mode: 62m2 / h 360x720 dpi

The fluorescent ink printing effect is natural and beautiful

Epson independently develops fluorescent inks for more beautiful colors

Epson color management technology, natural transition between fluorescent and ordinary colors

Epson fluorescent color database

The user can directly select the ideal color block for printout, and the operation is simple

Effectively help users improve color matching efficiency in product design

Epson precise ink dot technology

It can greatly reduce the print horizontal stripes and print graininess

It can fully display the printing color gamut of ink, making the color transition area smoother and ensuring color consistency

Epson printer

Epson SureColor SC-F9480H and SC-F9480: Sublimation printers with fluorescent inks

Although fluorescent inks certainly represent a niche in the market compared to the broader demand for traditional colors, companies can undoubtedly benefit from the possibility of offering printing with such inks.

The new Epson SureColor SC-F9480H is the first model of the Japanese manufacturer that allows printing with fluorescent yellow and fluorescent pink on fabrics and clothes, soft signage (flags, etc.) and promotional items.

This is the most significant difference between the SC-F9480H and the SC-F9480, which are otherwise identical in their ability to print on objects up to 64 inches wide.

With this new series, Epson also introduces other innovations: instructions on the use and maintenance of the printers are provided via a video accessible by a QR code; there is a wider selection of EMX files; the print head is protected to control the air flow; an automatic fiber removal system prevents the occlusion of the nozzles.


Whether you are producing sports tops, lightweight fashion products, promotional gifts, cups, mouse pads, keychains or mobile phone cases, Epson SureColor SC-F9480H can meet your requirements.

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