• All New Japan Epson S70600 (S70680) Solvent Inkjet Printing Machine
  • All New Japan Epson S70600 (S70680) Solvent Inkjet Printing Machine
  • All New Japan Epson S70600 (S70680) Solvent Inkjet Printing Machine

All New Japan Epson S70600 (S70680) Solvent Inkjet Printing Machine


10-Colors, 2 printheads, UltraChrome GSX Eco Solvent, CMYK, LK, LC, LM, Orange, White, Silver, 1440 x 1440 dpi, MicroPiezo Print Head with 360 nozzles each color , VSDT, 4.2pl, New LUT Technology, USB 2.0 & 100/1000MB Gigabit Ethernet, Wide range of media support, Automatic Ink Detection. Max. speed 51.8m2/h, (C12C815381 Substrate support system), 1 year Warranty


Epson micro piezo eco solvent printer comprehensive attack

Weak green solvent ink, epson "live color GS2 / GSX"
More wide color gamut, suitable for higher quality of the output

64" Large output High Quality High Speed High Efficiency

SC - S70600 four or five colored output, the output speed is the double standard, can be as high as 51.8 square meters per hour, which is suitable for manufacturing the users' demand for speed, and its newly equipped with white ink which can improve printing quality, suitable for printing in the advertising translucent materials, production and marketing of higher-end.


Printing technology S50680 S70680
Printhead Double TFP micro piezo print head (intelligent drops
transformation technology)
Nozzle: Each color 1440 nozzle
Print direction Bi-directionalunidirectional printing
Max resolution 1440×1440 dpi
Min ink drop size 4.2 pl
Ink system
Ink Epson "live color GS2" solvent ink Epson "live color GSX" solvent ink
Color C M Y K C M Y K LC LM Orange,LK
  White optional optional White Silver
Ink capacity 700 ml(C M Y K) 700ml(C M Y K LC LM Orange,LK)
  600 ml(W) 600ml(White), 350 ml(Silver)
Printing speed  
720 X 720dpi  standard 51.8 m2/h 26.8m2/h
720 X 720dpi  high resolution 26.3 m2/h 13.2 m2/h
720 X 1440dpi high resolution 13.2 m2/h 6.7 m2/h
Printing width 300-1625.6mm(64in.)
Paper rolling size Max Outside Diameter 250mm
Max paper rolling weight 40 Kg
Max thickness 1 mm
Heating system  
Pre-heater 30 to 50ºC
Printing heater 30 to 50ºC
Post heater 30 to 55ºC
Interface USB 2.0,100/1000MB Ethernet
Language ESC/P raster
Software optional Wasatch SoftRIP Chinese standard
Host computer 512MB
Internet 128MB
Working environment
Temperature 15 to 35ºC (20 to 32ºC recommended)
Humidity 20 to 80% (40 to 60% recommended)
Additional print drying system standard configuration
Size 2620*963*1311mm
Weight 198 Kg
Electrical Specification
Power AC 100-120V or 200-240V 50-60Hz
Power consumption Run 895W Run 800W
Standby 775W(heater on) Standby 580W(heater on)
Sleep 14W Sleep 12W
Noise 60.5 dB 59 dB
Take up system C12C815391
Media support C12C932121
Ink cleaning bag C13T699300
Waste ink tank C13T724000
Maintenance kit C13T724100
Ink cartridge
B C13T690180 C13T716180
C C13T690280 C13T716280
M C13T690380 C13T716380
Y C13T690480 C13T716480
W C13T716A80 C13T716A80
N/O   LC
N/O   LM
N/O   LK
N/O   Orange
N/O   Silver
Cleaning ink cartridge C13T699000
Package Printer,Support rack,Paper feeding device,Waste ink tank,Power cable,
USB cable,10 Ink cleaning cartridge
Optional Wasatch SoftRIP Chinese standard

Printing technology: 

Print direction: bidirectional printing / unidirectional printing

Maximum resolution: 1440x1440 dpi

Minimum droplet size: 4.2pl

Ink System: Epson "live color GS3" solvent ink

Color: cyan, magenta, yellow, black

Ink capacity: 700ml

Ink System:

Ink: Epson "live color GS3" solvent ink

Color: Dual 4-color output (cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

Ink capacity: 700ml

Replacement Ink Cartridges: C13T893480 Yellow | C13T893380 Magenta | C13T893280 Cyan | C13T893180 Black

Printing speed:

720X720dpi standard accuracy: 52.3 square meters / hour

720X720dpi high-precision: 29.4 square meters / hour

720X1440dpi high precision: 14.6 square meters / hour