• FY-RHTM 600mm*2500mm roll to roll heat press calender for textile sublimation printing
  • FY-RHTM 600mm*2500mm roll to roll heat press calender for textile sublimation printing
  • FY-RHTM 600mm*2500mm roll to roll heat press calender for textile sublimation printing
  • FY-RHTM 600mm*2500mm roll to roll heat press calender for textile sublimation printing

Oil press FY-RHTM 600mm*2500mm roll to roll heat press calandra

Description:Roller heat transfer machine is used to print a design onto a garment, it represents the advantage of the speed and good effect in transfer printing.

Electric Requirements:50HZ380V or customized


Heated model:Oil heating system

Heating System:Digital adjustable temper control

Working Table Length:2.4m/3.5m( or customized length)

Gross Weight:3000kg

FY-RHTM 600mm*2500mm roll to roll heat press calender for textile sublimation printing  

Item details:

Item No.:FY-RHTM600*2500
Electric Requirements:50HZ380V or customized
Heated model:Oil heating system
Adjustable temper ranges:0---399°
Working temper:220°----260°
Heating System:Digital adjustable temper control
Automatic system:frequency motor to control the speed 
Diameter Of Heating Drum:600MM
Length Of Heating Drum:2600MM 
Width Of Blanket:2580MM
Working Table Length:2.4m/3.5m(customized length is ok)
Packing size:3300mm*1280mm*1600mm
Net weight: 2900kg
Gross Weight:3000kg

rotary heat transfer machine


This machine is suitable mouse pad/pieces, bedding, curtains, large banners, flags, non-woven fabrics, apparel fabrics, towels, blankets, and other products sublimation transfer, especially the piece of fabric of continuous transfer. Capable of continuous printing, high speed, high-volume printing to meet customer demand.

heat transfer on textile


1. Ideal machine to print on roll to roll fabrics and cut pieces 

2. Easy operation through continuous system 

3. Eletronic contactor switching for noise free and zero maintenance 

4. Rewind roller adopted to roll the finished printed paper 

5. Easy to use digital micro controller to control all the parameters like, drum rotation, temperature etc 

6. Speed can be adjusted as per the printing cycle . 

7. Very precise heating through out the length of the cylinder 

8. Very large width there by no limations of fabric size 

9. Low noise while the machine is in running condition. 

Product Features:

1, the machine uses genuine original electrical accessories, temperature control precision, long life

2, the use of heating oil heating, uniform heating

3, digital temperature and speed control, adjustable speed

4, three meters long machine with double bench, with the underlying conveyor belt, enabling customers to transfer class pieces pieces

5, the machine with a pressurized system to meet the different requirements of different products to pressure

6, the use of imported heating pipes, heat evenly, durable, imported blankets, blankets difficult deviation

7, the machine is out of style blankets, blankets difficult to burn, with three put two closing means to facilitate customers retractable products

6). Beatiful gift appears in front of you.

rotary heat transfer machine

Our Services :

1. We offer OEM/ODM Service. 

2. We are integrated industrial and trade enterprises, We can offer the best  international trading service. 

3. We have been producing since 2009, Quality is the reason why we can stand on the top of industry, we can  always give you the best quality control. 

4. Fast delivery, We have plenteous production lines and scientific production management system to ensure  the delivery time. 

5. We have professional team working for overseas trading, which can save more of your valuable time.


1. How wide is the machine?        

1.2M width, 1.7M width; 1.9M width, 2.5M width machine

2. Does the Press rolls the Fabric once it is printed or you have to roll it on a different Machine?   

It can roll fabric after heat press, but we suggest you can roll it on other machine - roll yard machine to collect fabric  as attachment, coz when finished printed , the fabric still has temperature about 90-150, if Roll the printed fabric, the pattern become shape by pulled, and  color,fabric will affect , more important if  stretch fabric, we still advice to keep the stretch fabric in 5-6 hours after finished printing then roll it , or one night ,the color will more  perfect.

3. Are you able to print on dark Fabrics? If so how dark and on what contents? can it print on stretch goods?   

This press machine can press light color fabric,not dark fabric but can print on stretch fabric

4. How many yards or meters per hour?        

100-150 meters per hours, depend on the fabric and the transfer speed.

5. Do you supply Paper and ink and Parts?

We also offer paper and ink! We provide one-stop services!

6. What is the warranty of your items ?

We supply one year warranty for our machine,  If any quality problems on our side occured in this period ,we will take on the replacement.

7. What is packaging for Heat press Items ?

Compact Foam and Carton to pretect machine from any damages. 

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